• We create life for the future.


    With the power of Synthetic Biology,

    from materials to foods, from energy to medicine,

    the Whole Manufacturing Processes are Achieved Under a Microscope.


    Bluepha from China enables precise design of Microorganism Nano-factory.


    In the digital age, do biotechnology all over again

  • Synthetic biotechnology

    We regard cells as life machines that can be calculated and analyzed

    Design genetic codes that do not exist in nature, write genetic programs

    Let biology make amazing new molecules and new materials

  • Bluepha Digital Platform

    We let biologists, data scientists and hardware and software engineers work together

    Integrate workflow and data flow

    Complete innovative R&D and production at an unprecedented speed

  • We create a sustainable and vibrant future for mankind

    solve the plastic pollution crisis

    new health solutions

    sustainable agricultural production

    sustainable agricultural production

  • A core team composed of young scientists from Peking University, Tsinghua University, and Chinese Academy of Sciences

    Using synthetic biology as a technology carrier

    Science and technology innovation education focusing on cutting-edge life sciences

    Cultivate future talents for the new industrial system

  • Team

    Dr. Teng LI



    Dr. Haoqian ZHANG


    iGEMer Support

    iGEM (International Genetically Engineering Machine Competition)

    is premiere student team competition in Synthetic Biology.


    As a SynBio Startup founded by iGEMers in Chinese iGEM Community,

    Bluepha is more than happy to help iGEM participants.

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    Meet the Future

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