• We create life for the future.


    With the power of Synthetic Biology,

    from materials to foods, from energy to medicine,

    the Whole Manufacturing Processes are Achieved Under a Microscope.


    Bluepha from China enables precise design of Microorganism Nano-factory.


    Product - PHA Bioplastic


    By using the technology of Synthetic Biology,

    we believe there is a future without plastic pollution.




    a sustainable single-use alternative to petroleum-derived plastics.


    The Solution to Plastic Pollution


    Synthetic Biology


    Considering a Cell as an Engineering System,

    Optimize Part of the Cell with Engineering Principle.


    Bluepha is Programmer of Cell,

    We are Synthetic Biologists.








    Blue Biotechnology

    Next-Gen Industrial Biotech


    We Source Solutions for the Future from Nature.


    Based on Natural Microorganisms Grown in Salt Lakes,

    Simplified Biomanufacturing Processes for Bioproducts were Realized.






  • Team

    Dr. Teng LI



    Dr. Haoqian ZHANG


    iGEMer Support

    iGEM (International Genetically Engineering Machine Competition)

    is premiere student team competition in Synthetic Biology.


    As a SynBio Startup founded by iGEMers in Chinese iGEM Community,

    Bluepha is more than happy to help iGEM participants.

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