• Meet the Future of Mankind

    With the Power of Synthetic Biology,

    We Enable Precise Design of Microorganism Nano-factory.


    From Materials to Foods, From Energy to Medicine,

    The Whole Manufacturing Processes are Achieved Under a Microscope.

  • Synthetic Biology


    We Consider a Cell as an Engineering System,

    Optimize Part of the Cell with Engineering Principle.

    We are Programmers of Cell,

    We are Synthetic Biologists.










  • Blue Biotechnology

    Next-Gen Industrial Biotech


    We Source Solutions for the Future from Nature.


    Based on Natural Microorganisms Grown in Salt Lakes,

    Simplified Biomanufacturing Processes for Bioproducts were Realized.








  • Product

    PHA Biopolymer

    Applying the Revolutionary Technologies into Real World,

    To See What Can We Do.

    Like, To Solve the Problems of Plastic Pollution?


    PHA Biopolymer, Polyhydroxyalkanoates, is the Alternative of Plastic.

    Bluepha's PHAs are Applied in the Following Area:

    Degradable Agricultural Films

    Non-degradable mulching films are widely used in northern China

    China is the largest country in production and use of mulching films

    Non-degradable mulching films cause environmental problems such as soil crusting, decrease in crop yields and other ecological damages

    Degradable mulching films made from PHAs not only degrade spontaneously,

    but also promote soil microbial reproduction, and increase soil fertility

    Medical Implant Materials

    PHAs are natural polymer materials can be used to make medical implants

    Examples are absorbable surgical sutures, intravascular stents, bone nails, implants for cosmetology, etc.

    They can be absorbed gradually, and become the scaffolds for cells

    Materials for Toys and Packaging

    Plastic products with close contact with human body have potential health risks

    Food packaging and toys made from PHAs have good safety

    They also degrade spontaneously after discarding

    Feed Additives

    Using PHAs as feed additives can help poultry and livestock to build healthier gut microbiota

    By enhancing natural resistance to disease, the use of antibiotics can be reduced

    More Applications...

    Waiting for you to explore with us

  • Team

    Dr. Teng LI


    Dr. Haoqian ZHANG


    Prof. George Guo-qiang CHEN

    Chief Scientist

    Qiang GENG


    Dr. Yiming MA

    Dr. Jin YIN

    Jianwen YE

  • iGMEer Support

    iGEM (International Genetically Engineering Machine Competition) is Premiere Student Team Competition in Synthetic Biology

    As the first SynBio Startup Founded by iGEMers in Chinese iGEM Community,

    We are more than happy to help iGEM participants.

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